Pantothenic Acid 500mg
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A conditionally essential amino acid that aids in ATP, nitric oxide, and growth hormone production. Benefits include improved cardiovascular health, improved immune system, and improved blood sugar regulation. Contains Vit B6 for synergistic benefits.
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L Theanine 100mg  120 Caps
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NAC 600 Plus
Tailor Made Nutrition
Thyroid Support 60 Vcaps
Tailor Made Nutrition
Shelf stable probiotic comprising of three strains in a chewable form for children. Probiotics can help support healthy immune function and digestion. One billion viable cells per tablet.
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Mint Dynamic Fruits & Greens
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One Daily Multi Caps, No Iron
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Turmeric Extract 500mg 60 Vcaps
Tailor Made Nutrition
Contains cholecalciferol a highly bioavailable form of Vitamin D sourced from lanolin (vegetarian) Essential for calcium/phosphorus absorption + utilization Maintains bone density strength/formation Supports cardiovascular/neuromuscular/neurological functions Healthy cell growth/function  Healthy insulin secretion
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